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After I had LASIK done in Georgia, my vision was still shifting and I was having issues with dryness. Dr. Fazio at Newsom Eye helped me with my dry eye and then recommended that I get Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking. It is a very non-invasive procedure that helps strengthen the cornea for people with Corneal Ectasia and Keratoconus, a.k.a. weak corneas. I met with the Cross-Linking coordinator, Devon (who is fabulous), and she explained everything thoroughly and was able to get my procedure scheduled pretty quickly.

I had my Cross-Linking (CXL) procedure done on November 2017 and 2 months later I was already noticing a huge improvement! I saw Dr. Grimm, who explained everything in detail and took the time to answer any questions I had for her.  At Newsom Eye she specializes in fitting patient’s with specialty lenses, specifically for patients who have had Cross-Linking. Dr. Grimm was able to get an excellent fit and vision almost immediately! She is so sweet and genuinely cares for her patients. I truly feel like I am family and I am so grateful for everything! Thank you Newsom Eye & Dr. Grimm especially for giving me back my sight and life!