RxSight™ Light Adjustable Lens

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Cataract surgery is one of the safest and most common surgical procedures. However, its refractive accuracy is not always perfect. Despite the number of measurements used to select the intraocular lens (IOL) and predict the outcome for you, it is still an estimate. Every eye heals differently after surgery, oftentimes patients may still need glasses for distance following surgery.

What is a Light Adjustable Lens?

With the RxSight™ Light Adjustable Lens (LAL), your prescription is applied directly to the lens after surgery. The RxSight™ Light Adjustable Lens is the only IOL that enables you and your Newsom Eye doctor to design, trial, and customize your vision after cataract surgery. The ability to adjust your lens takes cataract surgery to the next level by giving you a lens customized specifically for your eyes and lifestyle!

Why Should You Consider Light Adjustable Lens?

With the Light Adjustable Lens, after your eye heals from cataract surgery, you will return to have your vision tested. Based on this exam, you are able to select a custom prescription for your adjustable lens based on your own eyes and unique lifestyle requirements. This adjustment can be done 3 to 4 times, which allows you to try your new LAL adjustment in the real world before having the final lock-in of the lens.

As a Principal Investigator for the FDA study of the Light Adjustable Lens since 2012, T. Hunter Newsom, MD, and Newsom Eye have a unique knowledge of this technology and how to utilize the LAL to give you the best vision after cataract surgery. In 2015 Dr. Newsom presented his patient data at the University of Iowa, showing the utilization of the LAL gave patients the best-documented vision without glasses when compared to all IOL technology to date. Through Dr. Newsom’s efforts, this technology is now available to all cataract patients at Newsom Eye.

Is Light Adjustable Lens and Cataract Surgery Covered by My Insurance?

In most cases, the LAL is not covered by insurance. This will add some out-of-pocket expense, however, it is important to note the majority of cataract surgery is covered by insurance, as well as the surgeons' fee which will cost the same regardless of the lens implant you choose.

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