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The William J. Lahners, MD, Memorial Anterior Segment Fellowship at Newsom Eye & Laser Center.

Eye Surgery

The WJL Fellowship at Newsom Eye & Laser Center offers a comprehensive training experience for surgeons looking to enhance their skills in efficient high-volume cataract, LASIK, glaucoma, and corneal surgeries.

This fellowship provides a unique educational opportunity due to Newsom Eye’s extensive research history and industry relationships and allows us to train 1-2 surgical fellows and 3 optometric residents each year.

Our Mission:

Is to provide life-changing experiences through surgical outcomes. The practice is guided by five core values:

Treat everyone like your mom: This is a patient-centered approach where individuals are treated with utmost care and compassion, as if they were family members.

Believe in the Newsom Eye experience: This value emphasizes the practice’s commitment to delivering a unique and positive experience for patients involving personalized care and attention.

Be the best: This core value signifies a dedication to excellence in all aspects of the practice, including surgical techniques, patient care, and overall service quality.

Challenge the status quo: Newsom Eye is driven to continually push boundaries and seek innovative approaches in eye care, encouraging a culture of improvement and advancement.

Make it happen: This core value reflects a proactive and determined mindset, aiming to achieve patient goals and make a positive impact on patients’ lives.

Newsom Eye has been involved in various groundbreaking research projects and has served as the principal investigator for several significant developments in the field. These include the Light Adjustable Lens, Vivity EDOF IOL, Panoptix, Clearview 3 (segmented bifocal IOL), as well as our involvement in phakic IOL research for over 20 years and the development of the Femtosecond laser platform in cataract surgery.

The Fellowship Program Experience:

The fellowship program aims to provide a unique experience for the fellow, with a focus on performing a substantial number of procedures. This includes 500+ cataract procedures and over 200+ glaucoma and corneal procedures, allowing the fellow to refine their surgical skills and gain valuable experience.

Additionally, the fellow will have the opportunity to work closely with Newsom Eye’s Optometric Residency Program, which is highly regarded for Optometric Physicians seeking to collaborate directly with surgeons after their formal OD training. This collaboration can provide a well-rounded understanding of patient care and interdisciplinary teamwork.

Newsom Eye & Laser Center operates two ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs), providing the fellow with the opportunity to learn how to lead a surgical team and ASC for optimal surgical performance.

Furthermore, as a fellow at Newsom Eye, there will be involvement in multiple ongoing FDA and Investigator Initiated clinical trials. This exposure to cutting-edge research will allow the fellow to stay updated on the latest advancements in the field and potentially contribute to scientific knowledge. The fellow may also have the opportunity to present on these topics at major national meetings, further enhancing their professional development and visibility within the ophthalmic community.

For more detailed information about the specific requirements, application process, and curriculum of the William J. Lahners, MD Memorial Anterior Segment Fellowship, I recommend visiting the official website of Newsom Eye & Laser Center or contacting them directly.

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