As people age, the lens of the eye can become hard and the muscles around the eye may struggle to mold the shape of the lens. This hardening of the lens may occur in your forties, but cataracts usually do not appear until you are in your sixties. As the lens hardens, the color of the lens may change from clear to brownish, decreasing the quality of vision and perception. This is a cataract.

As cataracts begin to develop, glasses and contact lenses are options for many individuals in the beginning, before the cataracts develop into a major problem. There are various contact lens types to choose from, whether for an active lifestyle, people who work outdoors, or for people who do not like how they look in glasses. For some individuals who have had eye surgery in the past, contact lenses are the preferred choice over glasses, as glasses sometimes produce uneven vision for these people. As a conventional treatment for cataracts, glasses, and contact lenses represent a temporary fix to the problem.

The changing shape of the lens and changing color of the eye results in difficulty judging distances and focusing on near or intermediate objects. Bifocals or reading glasses are used to offset the limited focusing ability of your lens. Many patients do not notice this gradual loss of vision over the years. Symptoms frequently noted in patients with cataracts are a painless blurring of vision, glare or light sensitivity, poor night vision, needing brighter light to read, fading or yellowing of colors, and frequent changes in prescription with little improvement.

Eventually, Cataract Surgery becomes the optimal choice for improved vision and quality of life. This is when the expertise, professionalism, and advanced technologies of Newsom Eye come to the foreground. Newsom Eye has performed thousands of consultations, surgeries and total vision care procedures with an unmatched record of success.

Newsom Eye can help restore the quality of vision well into old age, with the top Cataract Surgery services on the market today. All surgeries are performed in a clinically certified outpatient surgery center of the highest standards. Newsom Eye offers several technological options for replacement lenses that are second to none. The Newsom Eye team is one of the best in the world with leading surgeons, a compassionate nursing staff, and leading technology for total vision care.

Offering the safest and most successful Cataract Surgery, the Newsom Eye team, led by world-renowned cataract surgeon Dr. T. Hunter Newsom, inventor of the Newsom Bladeless Laser Cataract Surgery Technique, will remove the natural lens and replace it with a new, clear replacement lens called an intraocular lens (IOL). In the past, surgeons would remove the lens and prescribe glasses to focus the eye. Today, Dr. Newsom is able to insert an IOL inside the eye where the old lens or cataract was located. This procedure can reduce the need for glasses for focusing at distance, intermediate, and near vision. Our Newsom Eye physicians and surgeons offer the most advanced technology and options for your cataract surgery.

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