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In the Words of Our Cataract Patients…

Cataract surgery testimonials in the words of our patients, who discuss the results of their surgeries. They love their NEWSOM EYES!


Cataract Patient, Kathy Scruggs Discusses Her Cataract Surgery.

She Could See Perfectly Right After Surgery! Kathy Loves Her Newsom Eyes!

Cataract Patient, Michelle Skorker Was Blinded by Cataracts.

Now She Sees the World Around Her Beautifully! Michelle Loves Her Newsom Eyes!

Cataract Patient, Sarah Diaz Was Blinded By Air Bags in an Auto Accident.

Now She is Able to See Her Family Again! Sarah Loves Her Newsom Eyes!

Please review our Cataract FAQs for answers to other frequently asked questions about cataract surgery or ask our specialists at Newsom Eye in Tampa or Sebring.


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