Our founder, T. Hunter Newsom, MD, is an expert in intraocular lens procedures. He offers a broad range of skills and experience, all which contribute to the safety and accuracy of your LASIK procedure. Dr. Newsom has performed tens of thousands of corrective procedures and eye surgeries and was trained at the world famous Mayo Clinic. He is also a Lifetime Visiting Professor in the prestigious department of ophthalmology at the University of Iowa, where he trains the next generation of cataract and LASIK surgeons.

Dr. Newsom is joined in LASIK surgeries by:
• An anesthesia provider to ensure your comfort
• A team of Registered Nurses
• A team of Certified Technicians

All of these professionals are highly trained and experienced and ready to give you exceptional care from the pre-operative stage through post-op. Why do we involve so many skilled medical professionals when generally accepted standards do not require them? Because your safety is our top concern.

You deserve NEWSOM EYES!

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