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Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry Eye Syndrome is a disease which can cause a variety of symptoms affecting vision and/or the comfort of the eyes. A normal healthy eye has a protective tear film made of three layers:

  • The oily layer (outermost) is secreted by the meibomian glands; its main purpose is to reduce the evaporation of tears.
  • The watery layer (middle) is produced by the lacrimal gland. This layer functions to wash away foreign particles.
  • The mucous layer (innermost) is produced by conjunctiva goblet cells; its purpose is to keep tears on the cornea.

Dry eye syndrome occurs when there is a decrease in the quantity and/or quality of the tear film. This condition is associated with an increased tear film osmolarity, inducing inflammation.

Symptoms Include:

  • Dryness or grittiness
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Foreign body sensation
  • Excessive tearing
  • Burning or stinging
  • Blurred vision and/or fluctuating vision

Risk Factors Include:

  • Aging (40+)
  • Eyelid problems
  • Recent eye surgery
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Use of certain medications
  • External factors (computer use, contact lenses)


Your eye doctor can diagnose Dry Eye Syndrome (DES) during your eye examination. Common dry eye tests incorporate dye solutions that highlight dry spots and/or paper strips or threads placed on the eyelids to measure the rate of tear production.


The Dry Eye Clinic at Newsom Eye offers the latest treatments for dry eye, including:

MiBo Thermoflo

MiBo Thermoflo is a revolutionary treatment that addresses obstructed meibomian glands and fosters superior lipid health and function, treating the most common form or dry eye, Meibomian Gland Disease/Evaporative Dry Eye. MiBo ThermoFlo delivers consistent emissive heat to the meibomian glandular apparatus. The result is improved lipid secretions that create an enhanced tear film.


Autologous Serum Eye Drops

Created using a patient’s own blood, these eye drops are a great alternative for patient’s that have not had success with traditional treatments, including lubricating eye drops. These serum eye drops contain reduced levels of nutrients and growth factors that improve symptoms of dry eye and are essential for optimal corneal health.

Stem Cell Treatment, Biological Corneal Bandages- PROKERA®

The only FDA-cleared therapeutic device that both reduces inflammation and promotes healing. Newsom Eye is pleased to offer our patients PROKERA®, a biologic corneal bandage/medical device used by eye doctors around the world to treat eye diseases such as keratitis, recurrent corneal erosion, dry eye syndrome and chemical burns.

Nutrition – Omega-3

Omega-3 nutritional supplements have been proven to significantly improve eye health and relieve dry eye symptoms. Supported by research and experience, the doctors at Newsom Eye in Tampa and Sebring have determined that certain potent and pure formulations of omega-3s can be a great option for patients. When taken as recommended, they deliver a therapeutic amount of omega-3 EPA and DHA.

Prescription Eye Drops

Patients who have dry eye disease due to inflammation may find relief with Restasis®Ophthalmic Emulsion drops. Restasis®helps increase the eyes’ natural ability to produce tears. Another option is Xiidra®, a prescription eye drop used twice a day to treat the signs and symptoms of dry eye disease.

Artificial Tears

Systane, Refresh, and Retaine, are over-the-counter lubricant eye drops that can help manage your symptoms and provide relief for dry eyes.

Scleral Contact Lens / PROSE Lens Fitting

For patients who wear contact lenses and have dry eye, a scleral lens may be more comfortable. A scleral lens is a medical device used to help reduce dry eye disease while incorporating your prescription to provide clear vision. Dry eye syndrome is a chronic disease and even though there is currently no cure, there are many ways to manage dry eye syndrome. By managing these symptoms there is a chance of decreasing or even eliminating the issues that disrupt your vision and/or comfort. If you suspect you have dry eye syndrome, please ask to be evaluated by a doctor at Newsom Eye.

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