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The LASIK Technology at Newsom Eye

Newsom Eye offers only Bladeless, Customized, Wavefront Optimized® technology treatments on all laser eye surgeries such as the WaveLight and IntraLase Laser. We choose to offer only the safest, most predictable and fastest healing procedures while giving you your Newsom Eyes.

Femtosecond Bladeless LASIK Technology

At Newsom Eye, in Sebring and Tampa, Florida, we utilize All-Laser LASIK technology with the femtosecond laser. This technology replaces the older, outdated microkeratomes of the past. Femtosecond laser technology virtually eliminates complications that were associated withoutdated microkeratomes, allowing for a more precise and predictable outcome.

Bladeless LASIK technology works by utilizing computer guided software to create a tiny series of bubbles within the cornea. The bubbles are extremely tiny and concentrated, allowing for the protective corneal flap to be created. By using the ultra precise femtosecond laser, patients that were previously not deemed good candidates for LASIK due to thin corneas or other issues, might be good candidates with this bladeless technology or may need PRK.

Along with Contoura Topographic Guided technology, this advanced bladeless LASIK technology produces the finest results available. Dr. Newsom has performed thousands of corrective procedures and eye surgeries and was trained at the Mayo clinic.

AAAHC Surgery Center

Newsom Eye sets a higher standard for surgical facilities, using only accredited, sterile surgical centers for total vision care. When it comes to the care of your eyes, you deserve the same surgical environment as any other surgery. The Tampa Surgery Center is accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). This is the highest nationally recognized standard of care for outpatient surgery centers.

You deserve NEWSOM EYES!

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