Coach Tony Dungy loves his NEWSOM EYES!

Coach Tony Dungy

We take our clear vision for granted. When vision problems arise, it can be overwhelming trying to find the care you need to treat and correct your vision.

Tony Dungy, former head coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, had LASIK over 20 years ago and recently started noticing that his vision was deteriorating. Since clear vision is a large part of his role as a current NFL sports analyst, he knew he needed to take action.

Referred to Newsom Eye by a friend, Coach Dungy scheduled an evaluation with Dr. Newsom. During that visit, Dr. Newsom diagnosed Coach Dungy with cataracts and recommended cataract surgery to remove and replace his lenses.

As he tells it, Coach Dungy immediately felt that Dr. Newsom was an expert in cataract care, and good-naturedly described him as a ‘nutty professor’. He saw that Dr. Newsom and the team truly cared about their patients and outcomes, wanting the best possible vision for not only the coach, but every patient. From that first visit, all the way through post-operative cataract appointments, Coach Dungy described how comfortable he felt in being surrounded by an efficient and caring team of providers.

Coach Dungy noted how involved he was throughout the whole treatment process, explaining that every team member knew what was going to happen, why and the outcome,‘I was just informed every step of the way. I never had any doubt about what was going to happen, and I can see well…and, that’s the bottom line, too.’

After learning about all the available options, Coach Dungy selected the Light Adjustable Lens (LAL), which is the first and only lens that can be customized to an individual’s exact visual needs based on their lifestyle and hobbies. Not wanting to rely on readers after cataract surgery but with a career that requires excellent distance vision to see players on a football field, the LAL offered Coach Dungy the perfect solution. He said, ‘This technology is cutting edge and I’m grateful to be a little part of it…It’s pretty phenomenal. No glasses for me…I can see, I can drive, I can watch television, I can read and I can see the players on the field. It’s pretty amazing.’

You do not have to be a superbowl-winning football coach to receive the Light Adjustable Lens. Newsom Eye is proud to offer everyone the option to choose better vision and stay informed every step of the way. For 20 years, Newsom Eye has been your trusted cataract specialist and thousands of people like you have chosen better vision with Newsom Eye. You deserve NEWSOM EYES!

“Glasses are Gone!” Devon-LASIK Patient

“I have worn glasses since I was 10 years old, and contacts all through high school. With my astigmatism, my contacts were difficult to wear and my eyes would get dry, blurry and irritated by the end of the day. I’ve thought about Lasik for so many years, but was just too nervous.

After becoming the LASIK coordinator at Newsom eye, I felt so confident with the procedure I decided to book my own LASIK with Dr. Newsom. BEST DECISION EVER!! I still can’t believe the clarity I have now, something I never had with my contacts.

Being able to give future LASIK patients my first hand experience is incredible! They are able to talk to me, a genuine LASIK patient. It’s great to ease their mind about how quick and easy LASIK truly is! I am the Amazing LASIK Outcome and you can be too. I’m thankful for my Newsom Eyes!”

“Love Dr. Newsom!” Phyllis- Cataract Patient

Recently, both my husband and I started to notice more difficulty with our vision. After seeing glowing reviews about Newsom Eye online, we decided to make appointments. My husband was having trouble with floaters, but the doctor reassured him that it was nothing serious. I however, having type two diabetes, was at greater risk and was quickly diagnosed with two small holes in my retinas. Luckily, he was able to do a laser treatment, repairing the holes just days later. At my follow up visit, he recommended for me to see Dr. Newsom for my cataracts.

Dr. Newsom informed me that I could have cataract surgery and there are specialty lenses available to correct my vision in HD, so I would most likely see without glasses or contacts! The procedure was pain free almost immediately after surgery. I could see the clock on the wall and the kind faces of the staff caring for me. This was something I never imagined to be so easy and to have such amazing vision so quickly. My husband had always told me about the TV channels in HD, now I knew what he was talking about. My Newsom Eyes are now in HD, clear and amazing!

Now we tell everyone in our travels about this wonderful clinic. If you have cataracts and cannot see this marvelous world clearly anymore, please go see Dr. Newsom and his amazing staff. Then you can see the world as I do with Newsom Eyes! Thank you, Dr. Newsom.

“I put my confidence in the best” Jennifer- LASIK Patient

“As a physician, I depend on seeing clearly every day to effectively perform my job. For years I have been afraid to trust anyone with the surgical correction of my eyes. When I learned about Dr. Newsom and his state of the art facility and latest technology, I knew at last I had found someone I could entrust with my vision. The entire experience was positive – from the pre-operative exam, the day of procedure, and the post-operative follow up. By the next day, I was restored to perfect vision and felt great. I put my confidence in the best and I am glad I did. Thank you Dr. Newsom.”

” I wake up with a smile on my face” Christopher- LASIK Patient

Ever since this procedure, I wake up with a smile on my face over something simple, like being able to read an alarm clock. It has been nothing short of an amazing experience here at Newsom Eye, from my procedure to the people. I am extremely thankful for the care of the staff and my Newsom Eyes!”

“I Can See Clearly Now!” Claire- Cataract Patient

“The first time I realized I had cataracts was at the DMV. The clerk kept asking me to read the third line of the vision test, but where that line was suppose to be, all I could see was a very cloudy blob. She advised me to go see an eye doctor for an exam right away, because I would need the doctor’s signature to be able to receive my updated license. I made an appointment with Dr. Newsom who came highly recommended by several people. Upon completion of the exam, I was told that my right eye was at 2400, not 20/40 or even 20/30, and I had a fast growing cataract that needed to be extracted ASAP. On top of that, I also had a cataract growing in the left eye as well.

I was nervous to have anyone mess with my eyes, but I wanted to see. I had cataract surgery done on my right eye, and then a week later, I had my left eye done as well.  It was a painless procedure performed by Dr. Newsom at the Surgery Center. I truly am so very pleased with the Acrysof ReStor lenses placed in my eyes. This is my first day after the surgery on the left eye and I am typing this letter now, reading without glasses, and seeing colors so clearly that words cannot explain. I can honestly say I have found an old song that truly depicts how I feel, “I Can See Clearly Now!”

“Dr. Newsom’s results live up to his reputation.” Dr. Wyman- Cataract Patient

“As my vision started to deteriorate, Dr. Newsom told me about cataract surgery with the ReSTOR lens. The ReSTOR lens could offer me the opportunity to see at a distance and up close for reading without glasses. Being a dentist and pilot, that was an exciting concept. Now that I have the ReSTOR lens, I am without glasses. I am amazed that I am able to see so well. Dr. Newsom’s results live up to his reputation.”

“Thank you Newsom Eye for saving my vision!” Stephanie- Retina Patient

I am so grateful for Newsom Eye and all of their kindness. Newsom Eye was able to get me an appointment on the same day, and I was greeted when I walked in the front door. From the front desk, to the nurses, to the doctors, everyone was so professional and made sure I felt comfortable the entire time. Thank you to Newsom Eye’s Retina specialist who found multiple tears to my retinas, and was able to fit me in for surgery the following week. He was super patient and understood that I was very overwhelmed with the diagnosis. Here we are 4 weeks later, and I feel great! Thank you to Newsom Eye for saving my vision!

” Having LASIK was the BEST thing I had ever done!” Bethany- LASIK Patient

I met Michele (Practice Liaison) last summer at a networking event, and really did not think LASIK would be an option for me. Michele took the time to talk to me about coming in for a consult and I told her “sure, sounds good,” then I left and didn’t think about it again. However, Devon (LASIK Coordinator) didn’t let me forget for long. Devon reached out and with several gentle nudges, we finally got a consult scheduled. That consult was life changing. I realized I can do this and even better, with my HSA, I can afford it! However, when it came down to actually scheduling the pre-op and the surgery, I chickened out again. Thankfully, Devon was there to hold my hand and point me in the right direction, and I am SO happy she did! After 30 years of wearing glasses and contacts, it is so amazing to be able to see. The surgery itself lasted about five minutes and was such a smooth process that it was over before I knew it. I appreciated Dr. Newsom talking me through it and putting me at ease. I can’t believe I waited so long and let fear get in my way. Having LASIK was the BEST thing I have ever done and a huge part of that is due to the excellent service I received from beginning to end. Dr. Newsom and his staff are second to none when it comes to expertise and customer service! As a realtor, helping my customers with their real estate needs is my number one priority. Now, with my Newsom Eyes, I can see clearly to get their home sold!

“Thank you Newsom Eye!” Warren- Cataract Patient

The cataract surgery that Dr. Newsom performed on my eyes has not only restored my sight, but restored my qualify of life. As a career firefighter, my eyesight was just too important to risk. Thank you Newsom Eye!

“The only thing I regret is not doing this sooner! Matt C.- LASIK Patient

I had struggled with poor sight my entire life so I finally decided I wanted to give LASIK a shot with Dr. Newsom. When I showed up for my LASIK consultation, Dr. Forde discovered some serious issues with my retina that I was unaware of that needed correction fast. They were able to perform Laser Retinopexy surgery fast and save my eye! With that out of the way, Dr. Newsom was able to correct my vision to 20/20! The only thing I regret is not doing this sooner. Thanks to the whole team for your quality service and care, you truly have made a difference in my life.  Now selling homes is easier than ever with my Newsom Eyes!”

“Newsom eye was one of the best decisions I have ever made!” Andie- LASIK Patient

Getting LASIK surgery at Newsom Eye was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It is so nice waking up in the morning and not having to worry about glasses or contacts, and I can wear sunglasses whenever I want!  My experience at Newsom Eye has been great from my pre-op appointment to surgery and now to my post-op appointments. Having perfect vision is amazing and I get to enjoy it for the rest of my life, thanks to Newsom Eye!

“There is only one word that describes Newsom Eye.. Indescribable!” Michael- Cataract Patient

The first time I went outside after my cataract surgery, the colors and clarity of everything was so vivid! I thought I was in Disneyland! Everybody there was so knowledgeable, helpful, professional, and downright nice that it would be really cool if all companies were run that way. It’s a whole new world for me. I had worn glasses and contacts for 60 years prior to the procedure but now I have 20/15 vision in my left eye and 202/202 in my right; effectively 20/15 in both eyes together. There is only one word that describes the work Newsom Eyes did… Indescribable!!

“Gave me back my sight and life!” Michele, Cross-linking Patient

After I had LASIK done in Georgia, my vision was still shifting and I was having issues with dryness. Dr. Fazio at Newsom Eye helped me with my dry eye and then recommended that I get Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking. It is a very non-invasive procedure that helps strengthen the cornea for people with Corneal Ectasia and Keratoconus, a.k.a. weak corneas. I met with the Cross-Linking coordinator, Devon (who is fabulous), and she explained everything thoroughly and was able to get my procedure scheduled pretty quickly.

I had my Cross-Linking (CXL) procedure done on November 2017 and 2 months later I was already noticing a huge improvement! I saw Dr. Grimm, who explained everything in detail and took the time to answer any questions I had for her.  At Newsom Eye she specializes in fitting patient’s with specialty lenses, specifically for patients who have had Cross-Linking. Dr. Grimm was able to get an excellent fit and vision almost immediately! She is so sweet and genuinely cares for her patients. I truly feel like I am family and I am so grateful for everything! Thank you Newsom Eye & Dr. Grimm especially for giving me back my sight and life!

“The grass is so green and the sky is so blue!” – Barbara T.

Since Ms. Tubiolo was two years old, she had a passion for needlework. As an avid gardener, painter, and sewer, Ms. Tubiolo needs her vision to be clear so she can focus on the minute details of her craft. She previously took her father to Newsom Eye for his eye care, so when her vision in her right eye started impacting her favorite activities, she booked an appointment with our Newsom Eye team. 

Ms. Tubiolo’s right eye had developed a cataract, which is the clouding of the eye’s natural lens. Since her vision was impacting her life and hobbies, our team recommended cataract surgery. During cataract surgery, your eye’s lens is removed and replaced with a new, artificial lens. Ms. Tubiolo and our Newsom Eye team selected the Light Adjustable Lens, the first and only lens that can be customized after cataract surgery to your exact visual needs, lifestyle, and hobbies. 

After her cataract surgery, Ms. Tubiolo is excited that driving and reading street signs is easier, she can watch TV without glasses, and she even noticed an improvement in her balance. Ms. Tubiolo felt very comfortable with Dr. Newsom and our Newsom Eye team, she explained that each team member was aware and familiar with her medical history and was able to address any concerns. Ms. Tubiolo is excited to enjoy her detailed needlework, specifically with silk, now that she has vision customized to her lifestyle and has NEWSOM EYES!

“My vision is recharged after cataract surgery!” – Steven M.

Steven McDaniel is a Sebring, Florida resident and an avid golfer. His vision in his left eye started impacting his golf game so he saw the team at Newsom Eye for an evaluation. Our team discovered a cataract in his left eye and recommended cataract surgery. 

Before cataract surgery, Mr. McDaniel had trouble with his depth perception, night vision, and felt like his left eye was always seeing his world through a hazy, reddish brown colored filter. After his cataract surgery with Dr. Newsom and our Newsom Eye team, Mr. Mcdaniel explains, ‘I feel like I have a bionic eye, my vision is recharged after cataract surgery!’ Dr. Newsom and our Newsom Eye team kept him informed and at ease during the pre-operative, surgical, and post-operative processes. 

From beginning to end, Mr. McDaniel felt very comfortable with our Newsom Eye team. He is excited to get back on the golf course and is loving his life with NEWSOM EYES!

“I can see forever” – Jennifer M. – Cataract Patient

Jennifer Munro is a Sebring, Florida resident, business woman, and an avid golfer. When she started having trouble following her golf ball, noticed she was struggling to read small print at work, and saw rings and halos while driving at night, she decided to have her vision checked. Ms. Munro’s mother was a Newsom Eye patient for many years so when it came time for her evaluation, she automatically knew she wanted to have an evaluation with Dr. Newsom and our Newsom Eye team. 

During her evaluation, our team discovered she had cataracts, which is the clouding of the eye’s lens and occurs naturally over time. The symptoms Ms. Munro was experiencing are common symptoms of cataracts. Since these symptoms were impacting her daily life and activities, our team recommended cataract surgery.

On surgery day, Ms. Munro was nervous, but our team helped her to feel calm and ensured that she had an amazing experience. Their goal was for her to fully enjoy her NEWSOM EYES. She said that Dr. Newsom and the team were professional, efficient, and prompt. 

Now, Ms. Munro is able to follow her golf ball and enjoy the greens of the course and blues in the sky during her golf days that she grew up loving as a “Florida girl.” As a business consultant, she is able to read the small type on screens, printed materials, and see all of the faces in an audience when she is presenting to a crowd. Ms. Munro loves her new vision that matches her lifestyle, hobbies, and is so excited to say, “I can see forever!” with her NEWSOM EYES.

“I love my NEWSOM EYES!” – Dr. Kerr

Dr. Kerr is a Tampa vascular surgeon by day as well as a racecar driver. Dr. Kerr never had to rely on glasses, but started to notice changes in his distance and near vision. He was diagnosed with cataracts, which were developing slowly as his eye’s natural lens started to harden and impact the clear vision he was used to.  As a racecar driver, Dr. Kerr reaches speeds up to 180 mph. He is even on the racetrack at night, so he needs perfect distance vision with no rings or halos around headlights. For his occupation as a vascular surgeon, he needed clear and bright near vision. Dr. Kerr learned about Dr. Newsom, Dr. Fazio, and our Newsom Eye team by researching cataract surgeons online. When he met with our Newsom Eye team, Dr. Kerr explained that he never had to rely on glasses and the importance for him to not start needing glasses for daily use. Through Dr. Kerr’s research online, he learned that Dr. Newsom was the Principal Investigator of the FDA study for the RxSight™ Light Adjustable Lens (LAL). With the LAL, you can customize your vision after cataract surgery to find the perfect mix of near, intermediate, and distance vision to eliminate your need for glasses. This is the first and only lens that offers a customized solution for patients just like Dr. Kerr. Dr. Kerr wanted an experienced surgeon for his cataract surgery that was not only highly experienced with the LAL, but also an eye care team that knows all of the ins and outs to ensure clear, precise vision. The LAL offered the solution to give Dr. Kerr the precise distance and near vision he needs for his occupation, hobbies, and overall lifestyle without relying on glasses. Dr. Kerr is living life with his NEWSOM EYES and is enjoying his clinical practice and his passion of racing with the customized vision that matches his lifestyle.

“This is the first time since my twenties that I do not need glasses!” – Carl – Cataract Patient

Carl and his wife Cindy love to travel, try new local restaurants, go to rock and roll concerts, cook and grill, and host barbeque parties for their neighbors and friends. Together they own a local cruise and travel agency where Carl needs his vision to be sharp, clear, and bright as he works with clients and on his computer. When he started noticing changes in his vision, a close friend recommended that he schedule an appointment with our Newsom Eye team.

During Carl’s consultation, he was diagnosed with cataracts and selected the RxSight Light Adjustable Lens, which allows him to design, trial, and customize his vision. After his cataract surgery with Dr. Newsom and our Newsom Eye team, Carl is excited that, “This is the first time since my twenties that I do not need glasses!” 

Carl is loving life with his NEWSOM EYES and he is seeing colors brighter than ever before, enjoying clear night vision, and reading fine print on his computer and cell phone.


“I am seeing better than I have ever seen in my entire life” – Deborah – Cataract Patient

Since childhood, Deborah struggled with poor vision and relied on glasses and contacts daily. As she got older, her astigmatism vision got worse and she started experiencing dry eye symptoms from consistent use of contact lenses. Additionally, she noticed a gradual clouding of her vision which is a common side effect as cataracts develop.

Deborah’s brother recommended that she see an ophthalmologist for an evaluation and suggested that she research different lens options to permanently help with correcting her vision. Through Deborah’s online research, she found Newsom Eye and read about our help in developing the Light Adjustable Lens. The first and only lens available today that allows you to design, trial, and customize your vision to meet your exact needs and lifestyle. She researched our practice and read through reviews about our doctors, staff, and patient outcomes and knew she wanted to have her cataract surgery with our team.

After the removal of her cataracts and receiving the Light Adjustable Lens with Dr. Newsom, Deborah was able to completely customize her vision to her exact hobbies and lifestyle and is thrilled that, “I am seeing better than I have ever seen in my entire life.” She loves to live an active lifestyle and spend time exercising in different styles of workout classes. Now, Deborah is enjoying living life with NEWSOM EYES with her vision that matches her active lifestyle.

“I love my NEWSOM EYES!” – Linda – Cataract Patient

Linda is always up for any outing or activity and needs her vision to match her active, busy lifestyle. When she started noticing rings and halos around lights when driving at night and trouble reading restaurant menus, she knew she needed to have her vision checked.

Linda’s optometrist recommended she schedule a consultation with Dr. Newsom and our Newsom Eye team. During her appointment she was diagnosed with a cataract in her right eye. A cataract is the clouding of the eye’s lens that occurs naturally over time. Linda needed her vision to match her hobbies which include gardening, reading, going on walks, traveling, golfing, and volunteering as an usher at the Straz Center for Performing Arts. Our team recommended cataract surgery where they would remove the cloudy lens and implant the Light Adjustable Lens. This lens offered the perfect solution for Linda so she could design, trial, and customize her vision to meet her exact needs and lifestyle.

Linda was pleased with the whole process, our team made her feel comfortable and informed from start to finish. Linda is back to enjoying all of her favorite activities with clear, sharp, and bright vision without relying on glasses. Linda is now living life with NEWSOM EYES!

“I love my NEWSOM EYES!” Elizabeth – Cataract Patient

Elizabeth was the first Newsom Eye patient in Tampa to receive the SBL-3 ClearView Multifocal Intraocular Lens (IOL). Dr. Newsom and our team were involved as the lead investigator during the FDA trial of this innovative technology.

The SBL-3 ClearView Lens is similar to wearing a pair of progressive lenses where the top portion of the lens focuses on distance vision and the bottom portion focuses on near vision. One of the key benefits of the ClearView IOL is that the lens does not cause rings and halos at night like other diffractive or multifocal IOLs.

Elizabeth’s optometrist referred her to our Newsom Eye team because she was experiencing poor night vision and was seeing double. During her evaluation, she was diagnosed with cataracts and it was recommended that she have cataract surgery to restore her vision. Our team explained the different lens options and offered the SBL-3 lens as a great vision solution to meet her needs.

After her cataract surgery, Elizabeth is excited at how bright her world looks. She is enjoying clear, sharp, and focused vision. Elizabeth helps care for her three year old grandson, loves to travel, and read so she needed her vision to match her active, busy lifestyle. 

“This lens is the first of its kind in existence,” Dr. Newsom says. “We are pleased to offer this innovative technology to our patients to help them live life with Newsom Eyes and not need glasses for distance or near vision.”

Elizabeth is living life with NEWSOM EYES and is enjoying clear vision that matches her lifestyle without glasses or contacts!


“I am seeing clearly like never before” – Gretchen – Cataract Patient

As a retired teacher, history enthusiast, and dedicated volunteer, Gretchen needed her vision to keep up with her active, busy lifestyle. She scheduled a consultation with our Newsom Eye Brooksville team and Dr. Jachimowicz where she was diagnosed with cataracts. 

After cataract surgery, Gretchen is loving her NEWSOM EYES! Overtime, cataracts cause the clouding of the eyes’ natural lens and impact your vision. After the removal of her clouded lens through cataract surgery, she loves looking outside and realizing how clear and bright her world now looks. She explains, “I am seeing things so clearly like never before.”

From start to finish, Gretchen had a wonderful experience and described the whole process as “painless and top notch.” She is excited to have clear vision and live her life with NEWSOM EYES! 


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