Newsom Eye Testimonials

“Glasses are Gone!” Devon-LASIK Patient

“I have worn glasses since I was 10 years old, and contacts all through high school. With my astigmatism, my contacts were difficult to wear and my eyes would get dry, blurry and irritated by the end of the day. I’ve thought about Lasik for so many years, but was just too nervous.

After becoming the LASIK coordinator at Newsom eye, I felt so confident with the procedure I decided to book my own LASIK with Dr. Newsom. BEST DECISION EVER!! I still can’t believe the clarity I have now, something I never had with my contacts.

Being able to give future LASIK patients my first hand experience is incredible! They are able to talk to me, a genuine LASIK patient. It’s great to ease their mind about how quick and easy LASIK truly is! I am the Amazing LASIK Outcome and you can be too. I’m thankful for my NEWsom EYES!”

“Love Dr. Newsom!” Phyllis- Cataract Patient

Recently, both my husband and I started to notice more difficulty with our vision. After seeing glowing reviews about Newsom Eye online, we decided to make appointments. My husband was having trouble with floaters, but Dr. El-Jabali reassured him that it was nothing serious. I however, having type two diabetes, was at greater risk and was quickly diagnosed with two small holes in my retinas. Luckily, he was able to do a laser treatment, repairing the holes just days later. At my follow up visit, he recommended for me to see Dr. Newsom for my cataracts.

Dr. Newsom informed me that I could have cataract surgery and there are specialty lenses available to correct my vision in HD, so I would most likely see without glasses or contacts! The procedure was pain free almost immediately after surgery. I could see the clock on the wall and the kind faces of the staff caring for me. This was something I never imagined to be so easy and to have such amazing vision so quickly. My husband had always told me about the TV channels in HD, now I knew what he was talking about. My NEWsom Eyes are now in HD, clear and amazing!

Now we tell everyone in our travels about this wonderful clinic. If you have cataracts and cannot see this marvelous world clearly anymore, please go see Dr. Newsom and his amazing staff. Then you can see the world as I do with NEWSOM EYES! Thank you, Dr. Newsom.

“I couldn’t get over my results!” Barbara – Cataract Patient

About a year ago, I moved to Highlands County. Not only was I experiencing severe COPD but I had also become nearly blind due to cataracts. I was determined to get my eyes fixed. I had a cataract so large it was like looking through a piece of typing paper. I could barley walk due to the fact that I could not see anything!

We made an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Newsom, and noted the convenient handicapped parking spaces close to the door. Thankfully, wearing a nasal cannula and constant O2 was not deemed a problem. My eyes were dilated, measurements taken and surgery dates made. I couldn’t get over how low the bill was! I was so relieved!Both eye surgeries went quickly and smoothly, along with no bandages or bleeding. Post op was eye opening, literally, and I got new glasses. Now, I’m back a year later for a follow up for common scar tissue removal. I am so thankful for the sight Dr. Newsom returned to me. Noticing my amazing results, my sister is coming in to have her eyes done with Newsom Eye too! Without Newsom Eye, I might still be in bed, nearly blind. My new vision, which is better now than the past 30 years, permitted me to read, walk, and regain my independence.

“I put my confidence in the best” Jennifer- LASIK Patient

“As a physician, I depend on seeing clearly every day to effectively perform my job. For years I have been afraid to trust anyone with the surgical correction of my eyes. When I learned about Dr. Newsom and his state of the art facility and latest technology, I knew at last I had found someone I could entrust with my vision. The entire experience was positive – from the pre-operative exam, the day of procedure, and the post-operative follow up. By the next day, I was restored to perfect vision and felt great. I put my confidence in the best and I am glad I did. Thank you Dr. Newsom.”

” I wake up with a smile on my face” Christopher- LASIK Patient

Ever since this procedure, I wake up with a smile on my face over something simple, like being able to read an alarm clock. It has been nothing short of an amazing experience here at Newsom Eye, from my procedure to the people. I am extremely thankful for the care of the staff and my NEWSOM EYES!”

“I Can See Clearly Now!” Claire- Cataract Patient

“The first time I realized I had cataracts was at the DMV. The clerk kept asking me to read the third line of the vision test, but where that line was suppose to be, all I could see was a very cloudy blob. She advised me to go see an eye doctor for an exam right away, because I would need the doctor’s signature to be able to receive my updated license. I made an appointment with Dr. Newsom who came highly recommended by several people. Upon completion of the exam, I was told that my right eye was at 2400, not 20/40 or even 20/30, and I had a fast growing cataract that needed to be extracted ASAP. On top of that, I also had a cataract growing in the left eye as well.

I was nervous to have anyone mess with my eyes, but I wanted to see. I had cataract surgery done on my right eye, and then a week later, I had my left eye done as well.  It was a painless procedure performed by Dr. Newsom at the Surgery Center. I truly am so very pleased with the Acrysof ReStor lenses placed in my eyes. This is my first day after the surgery on the left eye and I am typing this letter now, reading without glasses, and seeing colors so clearly that words cannot explain. I can honestly say I have found an old song that truly depicts how I feel, “I Can See Clearly Now!”

“Dr. Newsom’s results live up to his reputation.” Dr. Wyman- Cataract Patient

“As my vision started to deteriorate, Dr. Newsom told me about cataract surgery with the ReSTOR lens. The ReSTOR lens could offer me the opportunity to see at a distance and up close for reading without glasses. Being a dentist and pilot, that was an exciting concept. Now that I have the ReSTOR lens, I am without glasses. I am amazed that I am able to see so well. Dr. Newsom’s results live up to his reputation.”