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Coach Tony Dungy Loves His NEWSOM EYES!

- LAL Patient


We take our clear vision for granted. When vision problems arise, it can be overwhelming trying to find the care you need to treat and correct your vision.

Tony Dungy, former head coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, had LASIK over 20 years ago and recently started noticing that his vision was deteriorating. Since clear vision is a large part of his role as a current NFL sports analyst, he knew he needed to take action.

Referred to Newsom Eye by a friend, Coach Dungy scheduled an evaluation with Dr. Newsom. During that visit, Dr. Newsom diagnosed Coach Dungy with cataracts and recommended cataract surgery to remove and replace his lenses.

As he tells it, Coach Dungy immediately felt that Dr. Newsom was an expert in cataract care, and good-naturedly described him as a ‘nutty professor’. He saw that Dr. Newsom and the team truly cared about their patients and outcomes, wanting the best possible vision for not only the coach, but every patient. From that first visit, all the way through post-operative cataract appointments, Coach Dungy described how comfortable he felt in being surrounded by an efficient and caring team of providers.

Coach Dungy noted how involved he was throughout the whole treatment process, explaining that every team member knew what was going to happen, why and the outcome, ‘I was just informed every step of the way. I never had any doubt about what was going to happen, and I can see well…and, that’s the bottom line, too.’

After learning about all the available options, Coach Dungy selected the Light Adjustable Lens (LAL), which is the first and only lens that can be customized to an individual’s exact visual needs based on their lifestyle and hobbies. Not wanting to rely on readers after cataract surgery but with a career that requires excellent distance vision to see players on a football field, the LAL offered Coach Dungy the perfect solution. He said, ‘This technology is cutting edge and I’m grateful to be a little part of it…It’s pretty phenomenal. No glasses for me…I can see, I can drive, I can watch television, I can read and I can see the players on the field.’

You do not have to be a superbowl-winning football coach to receive the Light Adjustable Lens. Newsom Eye is proud to offer everyone the option to choose better vision and stay informed every step of the way. For 20 years, Newsom Eye has been your trusted cataract specialist and thousands of people like you have chosen better vision with Newsom Eye. You deserve NEWSOM EYES!

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