The femtosecond or ultrashort pulse laser has made it possible for surgeons to utilize the light power of lasers to execute the tremendously precise work required to perform a successful corneal transplant.

By focusing ultrafast pulses of light, the surgeon is able to make precise cuts to specific layers of tissue without affecting or damaging the surrounding tissue. This technology has been proven to be the best application available to the industry today.

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Advanced Cornea Care

Scheduling routine eye exams are the most important factor in maintaining your overall corneal health. While most ailments of the cornea can be easily treated, such as dry eyes, some of the problems associated with it can be time sensitive, so regular eye exams are recommended. Contact lens-related corneal ulcers and pterygia are some examples of these time-sensitive issues. Talk to your Newsom Eye cornea specialist about the many treatment options available to those suffering from cornea related problems.

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