Newsom Eye First in Florida to Implant Innovative Multifocal Progressive Lens

August 16, 2022
First Clearview Multifocal Progressive Lens Implant

SBL-3 ClearView lens from St. Petersburg Lenstec provides significant visual improvements for distance, intermediate, and near TAMPA, Fla. (August 16, 2022) For those suffering from cataracts, a new innovative technology offered by Tampa Bay’s leading eye doctor, can significantly improve their sight. Today, Dr. T. Hunter Newsom and the Newsom…

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Dr. Bovee Selected to The Ophthalmologist Power List 2022 – Top 100!

April 29, 2022
Newsom Eye Doctor Bovee

We are proud of our Glaucoma Surgeon, Courtney Bovee, MD, who was selected to be on The Ophthalmologist Power List 2022. Dr. Bovee was nominated and selected by a panel of judges to be on the 2022 list because of her dedication to her clinical practice and vision research. Click…

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Congratulations to Courtney Bovee, MD, FSO’s New Secretary/Treasurer!

August 4, 2021
Doctor Courtney Bovee Newsom

The results are in! Newsom Eye’s own Courtney Bovee, MD, was elected as the secretary/treasurer of the Florida Society of Ophthalmology (FSO). Elections for a new cabinet were held during the FSO’s Annual Business Meeting in Palm Beach on July 10th. Javier Perez, MD, was announced as the organization’s new…

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Clearing the Way for Near-Perfect Vision

May 10, 2021

Advances in ophthalmological technologies are making way for more exact post-op outcomes. Newsom Eye’s T. Hunter Newsom, M.D., has been at the forefront of RxSight’s Light Adjustable Lens FDA trials, with 80% of trial patients seeing 20/20 or clearer results. Read the full article in OutPatient Surgery Magazine’s April issue.

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Reclaim Your Youth with the Vivity Lens

April 9, 2021

T. Hunter Newsom, MD, puts his full support in the Vivity lens. This lens looks and acts like an aspheric monofocal lens, giving patients excellent quality, distance vision, and functional near-vision with a significant decrease in the need for near correction.

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Streamlining High-Volume Cataract Centers

September 25, 2020

Jay Horowitz, CRNA, and Dana Cowart, COT, recently appeared in Outpatient Surgery Magazine’s September issue to discuss the efficiency and accuracy of Newsom Eye’s high-volume cataract surgeries.  In Outpatient Surgery Magazine’s September issue, Joe Paone, the magazine’s senior associate editor, speaks with Newsom Eye’s Jay Horowitz, CRNA, Dana Cowart, COT,…

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Vivity Press Release from Newsom Eye

September 4, 2020

Vivity Press ReleaseAugust 27, 2020 On June 23, 2020, T. Hunter Newsom, MD and the Newsom Eye team implanted the first FDA approved Vivity Intraocular Lens (IOL) in the United States. The Vivity IOL is implanted immediately after cataract removal during cataract surgery. With an excellent outcome from the first…

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Newsom Eye Custom LASIK Alleviates Mask-Caused Eyeglass Fog and Frustration

August 27, 2020

With face masks now part of daily life, many people are experiencing foggy eyeglasses and sunglasses. WFTS recently spoke with T. Hunter Newsom, MD, who explained how Newsom Eye Custom LASIK can alleviate the fog and the frustration.

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6 Developments in Cataract Surgery

July 28, 2020

COVID-19 is not enough to stop surgical innovation. In his latest contribution to Outpatient Surgery Magazine’s July issue, T. Hunter Newsom, MD, discusses 6 innovations to the field of cataract surgery.  From tools that will assist surgeons during the surgical procedure, to devices that will further correct patients’ vision post-surgery,…

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Dr. Newsom’s Fresh Approach

July 24, 2020
fresh before cataract surgery

In Outpatient Surgery Magazine’s July issue, T. Hunter Newsom, MD, gave his surefire trick on avoiding MKO melts’ questionable taste before cataract surgery. It’s no secret among ophthalmologists (or their cataract surgery patients) that MKO melts – a sublingual sedation comprised of idazolam (3 mg), ketamine HCI (25 mg) and…

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