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Dr. Kerr is a Tampa vascular surgeon by day as well as a racecar driver. Dr. Kerr never had to rely on glasses, but started to notice changes in his distance and near vision. He was diagnosed with cataracts, which were developing slowly as his eye’s natural lens started to harden and impact the clear vision he was used to.  As a racecar driver, Dr. Kerr reaches speeds up to 180 mph. He is even on the racetrack at night, so he needs perfect distance vision with no rings or halos around headlights. For his occupation as a vascular surgeon, he needed clear and bright near vision. Dr. Kerr learned about Dr. Newsom, Dr. Fazio, and our Newsom Eye team by researching cataract surgeons online. When he met with our Newsom Eye team, Dr. Kerr explained that he never had to rely on glasses and the importance for him to not start needing glasses for daily use. Through Dr. Kerr’s research online, he learned that Dr. Newsom was the Principal Investigator of the FDA study for the RxSight™ Light Adjustable Lens (LAL). With the LAL, you can customize your vision after cataract surgery to find the perfect mix of near, intermediate, and distance vision to eliminate your need for glasses. This is the first and only lens that offers a customized solution for patients just like Dr. Kerr. Dr. Kerr wanted an experienced surgeon for his cataract surgery that was not only highly experienced with the LAL, but also an eye care team that knows all of the ins and outs to ensure clear, precise vision. The LAL offered the solution to give Dr. Kerr the precise distance and near vision he needs for his occupation, hobbies, and overall lifestyle without relying on glasses. Dr. Kerr is living life with his NEWSOM EYES and is enjoying his clinical practice and his passion of racing with the customized vision that matches his lifestyle.