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From time to time, NELC may reproduce or participate in videotape, motion picture, audio recording or still photograph productions that involve the use of patient’s and/or employee’s names, likeliness or voices. Such productions may be used for educational, exhibition, or advertising purposes by NELC in perpetuity and may be copied, copyrighted, edited and distributed by NELC in perpetuity unless said consent is revoked in writing.

News media, including representatives of television, radio, newspapers and magazines, also often are permitted at NELC and may take notes, still photos, sound recordings and/or moving pictures that may include patients. These items may appear or be used in news or feature stories by print, television or radio media.

You have the right to object to the use of your name, picture, or voice in these productions and may do so by rescinding in writing and returning it to NELC.

By clicking “I agree to the terms & conditions” when submitting a review through you are agreeing to the terms of the Promotional Media Release as described above. 

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