Streamlining High-Volume Cataract Centers

Jay Horowitz, CRNA, and Dana Cowart, COT, recently appeared in Outpatient Surgery Magazine’s September issue to discuss the efficiency and accuracy of Newsom Eye’s high-volume cataract surgeries. 

In Outpatient Surgery Magazine’s September issue, Joe Paone, the magazine’s senior associate editor, speaks with Newsom Eye’s Jay Horowitz, CRNA, Dana Cowart, COT, and Susan J. Sawyer, RN, among others, to better understand what really makes T. Hunter Newsom, M.D.’s high-volume cataract facility flourish under pressure. 

In the article, he discusses 5 overlapping ways successful ophthalmologists in central Florida continue to thrive during the pandemic. This includes avoiding delays by having well-trained and cared for staff and personnel, to updating systems to electronic records to improve flow. In the face of adversity, Newsom Eye thrives.