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Carl and his wife Cindy love to travel, try new local restaurants, go to rock and roll concerts, cook and grill, and host barbeque parties for their neighbors and friends. Together they own a local cruise and travel agency where Carl needs his vision to be sharp, clear, and bright as he works with clients and on his computer. When he started noticing changes in his vision, a close friend recommended that he schedule an appointment with our Newsom Eye team.

During Carl’s consultation, he was diagnosed with cataracts and selected the RxSight Light Adjustable Lens, which allows him to design, trial, and customize his vision. After his cataract surgery with Dr. Newsom and our Newsom Eye team, Carl is excited that, “This is the first time since my twenties that I do not need glasses!” 

Carl is loving life with his NEWSOM EYES and he is seeing colors brighter than ever before, enjoying clear night vision, and reading fine print on his computer and cell phone.