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Steven McDaniel is a Sebring, Florida resident and an avid golfer. His vision in his left eye started impacting his golf game so he saw the team at Newsom Eye for an evaluation. Our team discovered a cataract in his left eye and recommended cataract surgery. 

Before cataract surgery, Mr. McDaniel had trouble with his depth perception, night vision, and felt like his left eye was always seeing his world through a hazy, reddish brown colored filter. After his cataract surgery with Dr. Newsom and our Newsom Eye team, Mr. Mcdaniel explains, ‘I feel like I have a bionic eye, my vision is recharged after cataract surgery!’ Dr. Newsom and our Newsom Eye team kept him informed and at ease during the pre-operative, surgical, and post-operative processes. 

From beginning to end, Mr. McDaniel felt very comfortable with our Newsom Eye team. He is excited to get back on the golf course and is loving his life with NEWSOM EYES!