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Recently, both my husband and I started to notice more difficulty with our vision. After seeing glowing reviews about Newsom Eye online, we decided to make appointments. My husband was having trouble with floaters, but the doctor reassured him that it was nothing serious. I however, having type two diabetes, was at greater risk and was quickly diagnosed with two small holes in my retinas. Luckily, he was able to do a laser treatment, repairing the holes just days later. At my follow up visit, he recommended for me to see Dr. Newsom for my cataracts.

Dr. Newsom informed me that I could have cataract surgery and there are specialty lenses available to correct my vision in HD, so I would most likely see without glasses or contacts! The procedure was pain free almost immediately after surgery. I could see the clock on the wall and the kind faces of the staff caring for me. This was something I never imagined to be so easy and to have such amazing vision so quickly. My husband had always told me about the TV channels in HD, now I knew what he was talking about. My Newsom Eyes are now in HD, clear and amazing!

Now we tell everyone in our travels about this wonderful clinic. If you have cataracts and cannot see this marvelous world clearly anymore, please go see Dr. Newsom and his amazing staff. Then you can see the world as I do with Newsom Eyes! Thank you, Dr. Newsom.