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Jennifer Munro is a Sebring, Florida resident, business woman, and an avid golfer. When she started having trouble following her golf ball, noticed she was struggling to read small print at work, and saw rings and halos while driving at night, she decided to have her vision checked. Ms. Munro’s mother was a Newsom Eye patient for many years so when it came time for her evaluation, she automatically knew she wanted to have an evaluation with Dr. Newsom and our Newsom Eye team. 

During her evaluation, our team discovered she had cataracts, which is the clouding of the eye’s lens and occurs naturally over time. The symptoms Ms. Munro was experiencing are common symptoms of cataracts. Since these symptoms were impacting her daily life and activities, our team recommended cataract surgery.

On surgery day, Ms. Munro was nervous, but our team helped her to feel calm and ensured that she had an amazing experience. Their goal was for her to fully enjoy her NEWSOM EYES. She said that Dr. Newsom and the team were professional, efficient, and prompt. 

Now, Ms. Munro is able to follow her golf ball and enjoy the greens of the course and blues in the sky during her golf days that she grew up loving as a “Florida girl.” As a business consultant, she is able to read the small type on screens, printed materials, and see all of the faces in an audience when she is presenting to a crowd. Ms. Munro loves her new vision that matches her lifestyle, hobbies, and is so excited to say, “I can see forever!” with her NEWSOM EYES.