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An Implantable Collamer Lens, or Implantable Contact Lens, (ICL) is an artificial lens that is placed in your eye and sits between the iris and your natural lens. An ICL corrects nearsightedness and astigmatism and can eliminate or reduce your need for contact lenses or glasses.

The ICL procedure is performed by one of our Newsom Eye Ophthalmologists in an AAAHC accredited surgery center and the procedure takes only fifteen minutes per eye. Both eyes can be completed on the same day and the visual results are very quick. The ICL is made up of a collamer, which is a collagen copolymer and requires no day-to-day maintenance. In fact, many organs in our bodies, including our eyes, are made of collagen which allows the ICL to be a natural, long term solution to correct your vision.

If you struggle with glasses or contact lenses, ICL can be a permanent solution to correct your vision. Historically, ICL has been thought of as an alternative for patients who are not candidates for LASIK. However, ICL is an excellent option for many patients, even those who may be LASIK candidates. Schedule an exam with your Newsom Eye provider to determine which procedure is best for you.

Newsom Eye offers patients access to our two surgery centers located in Sebring and Carrollwood. Newsom Eye is proud to perform all surgical procedures in our start of the art, ambulatory surgery centers. Our surgery centers hold Medicare-deemed status through accreditation by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC), which is the highest level of nationally recognized standard of care for outpatient surgery centers.

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