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Since childhood, Deborah struggled with poor vision and relied on glasses and contacts daily. As she got older, her astigmatism vision got worse and she started experiencing dry eye symptoms from consistent use of contact lenses. Additionally, she noticed a gradual clouding of her vision which is a common side effect as cataracts develop.

Deborah’s brother recommended that she see an ophthalmologist for an evaluation and suggested that she research different lens options to permanently help with correcting her vision. Through Deborah’s online research, she found Newsom Eye and read about our help in developing the Light Adjustable Lens. The first and only lens available today that allows you to design, trial, and customize your vision to meet your exact needs and lifestyle. She researched our practice and read through reviews about our doctors, staff, and patient outcomes and knew she wanted to have her cataract surgery with our team.

After the removal of her cataracts and receiving the Light Adjustable Lens with Dr. Newsom, Deborah was able to completely customize her vision to her exact hobbies and lifestyle and is thrilled that, “I am seeing better than I have ever seen in my entire life.” She loves to live an active lifestyle and spend time exercising in different styles of workout classes. Now, Deborah is enjoying living life with NEWSOM EYES with her vision that matches her active lifestyle.