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Vivity Press Release
August 27, 2020

On June 23, 2020, T. Hunter Newsom, MD and the Newsom Eye team implanted the first FDA approved Vivity Intraocular Lens (IOL) in the United States. The Vivity IOL is implanted immediately after cataract removal during cataract surgery. With an excellent outcome from the first surgery the patients second eye also received a Vivity Intraocular Lens following removal of the patients cataract on July 7, 2020.

The Vivity IOL is a new, non-diffractive Extended Depth of Focus IOL which helps a patient to see at both distance and near without glasses. Dr. Newsom and his supporting staff were involved as a Principle Investigator during the FDA trial of this technology. Dr. Newsom reports, “our patient has recovered from surgery quickly and is seeing well at both distance and near without glasses!” The patient reported she, “could not believe how well she could read without glasses” just days after her first surgery. Dr. Newsom explains, “the benefits of the Vivity IOL is that the lens does not cause rings and halos at night like other diffractive or multifocal IOLs that we currently implant to focus for distance and near vision. We have implanted the Vivity IOL into a long distance truck driver and the Vivity lens has provided excellent night time distance vision for him as well as the ability to read all his gauges on the dashboard without glasses.”

Dr. Newsom is currently enrolling patients into a second study utilizing the Vivity IOL technology. If you have cataracts and are interested in this study or any other surgical options, please contact our Refractive Coordinator at (813) 908-2020 extension 235 or today to see if you are a candidate.

T. Hunter Newsom, MD is a board-certified cataract and refractive surgeon and the founder and medical director at Newsom Eye. He is a principal investigator of FDA clinical studies and is the inventor of the Newsom Bladeless Laser Cataract Surgery Technique, which allowed for and modified the use of the IntraLase™ Femtosecond Laser in cataract surgery. Dr. Newsom developed a technique and helped design a device that made it possible to use the femtosecond laser, originally meant for LASIK surgery, in cataract surgery as well. Dr. Newsom is also one of two surgeons to be awarded the national designation of “Surgical Excellence” from the American College of Eye Surgeons for cataract and implant surgery. Additionally, he was one of the first surgeons to use the Visian™ and Verisyse™ intraocular lenses in surgical procedures.

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