Newsom Eye Custom LASIK Patient Testimonials

Jennifer Miller, MD, LASIK Patient:

“As a physician, I depend on seeing clearly every day to effectively perform my job. For years I have been afraid to trust anyone with the surgical correction of my eyes. When I learned about Dr. Newsom and his state of the art facility and latest technology, I knew at last I had found someone I could entrust with my vision. The entire experience was positive – from the pre-operative exam, the day of procedure, and the post-operative follow up. By the next day, I was restored to perfect vision and felt great. I put my confidence in the best and I am glad I did. Thank you Dr. Newsom.”

Sherri Alvarez, LASIK Patient:

“I had had a severe astigmatism in my right eye since I was a child. I had been to many optometrists over the years who told me that it could not be corrected. Luckily, one day I saw the Newsom Eye billboard mentioning my condition and I called immediately for an appointment. From the moment I got off the elevator the staff and doctors were wonderful to me. I really got to see all of them shine on surgery day. Everyone’s compassion and humor was comforting, and the surgery was painless and quick.

My LASIK surgery went perfectly…I went from 20/150 to 20/25! My astigmatism is gone! Everyone who has been working with me at Newsom Eye came out to congratulate me on my results…including Dr. Newsom! I absolutely recommend Newsom Eye to everyone who needs their vision corrected. Don’t put it off another minute, call today! Not only will you be able to see again, but the entire crew at Newsom Eye will treat you like a queen or king! ”

Christopher Anzalone, LASIK Patient:

“Ever since this procedure, I wake up with a smile on my face over something simple, like being able to read an alarm clock. It has been nothing short of an amazing experience here at Newsom Eye, from my procedure to the people. I am extremely thankful for the care of the staff and my NEWsom Eyes!”

Yuriy Chulskiy, LASIK Patient:

“I was very happy with the whole staff at Newsom Eye. All the nurses really made me feel comfortable during the day of surgery, and Dr. Newsom and Dr. Fazio did a fantastic job! I will recommend Newsom Eyes to everyone that is considering LASIK surgery.”

Cataract Patient Testimonials

Dr. Newsom is known worldwide for his surgical skills and experience with various types of IOLs. One ecstatic patient captured the feeling perfectly saying, “I don’t tell people I have NEW EYES, I tell them I have NEWsom EYES.” Following thousands of successful cataract surgeries, the term NEWSOM EYES has come to mean a life changing experience and improved vision for people of all ages and ailments.

Robert Eberlein, Cataract Surgery Patient:

“The Newsom Eye crew is fantastic, friendly and professional and I give thanks. I thank God for giving me eyes to see with, and I thank God for creating Dr. Newsom to be able to fix them. I think Newsom Eye is great!”

Barb Klim, wife of Cataract Surgery Patient, Larry Klim:

“Wanted to relay a story to you… Larry and I went to Chili’s on Sunday. I was not paying attention, but was expecting him to say, ‘Oh, I forgot my glasses, lend me yours’. When I looked up and he was smiling, I said ‘What?’ He said, ‘I just read the menu without glasses!’ It was a ‘first moment’ for his Newsom Eyes. When he wakes up he says, ‘How do my Newsom Eyes look?’ He is so enjoying himself. The office visit for me was like going on an outing. The whole experience was so much fun. I don’t drink coffee because I have never found any I like, but I needed one that morning. I had been up since 5:30 am and went to bed at 2 am, so I had a cup. It was the best coffee I have ever had! Newsom Eye is top notch, right down to the coffee… just like Disney!”

Dr. Wyman Price, Cataract Surgery Patient:

“As my vision started to deteriorate, Dr. Newsom told me about cataract surgery with the ReSTOR lens. The ReSTOR lens could offer me the opportunity to see at a distance and up close for reading without glasses. Being a dentist and pilot, that was an exciting concept. Now that I have the ReSTOR lens, I am without glasses. I am amazed that I am able to see so well. Dr. Newsom’s results live up to his reputation.”

Claire Collum, Cataract Surgery Patient:

One of the most important gifts we are blessed with is our eyes, which we so often take for granted. My story is one of my tribute to Dr. T. Hunter Newsom and the miracles he performs. It all started with a trip to the Department of Motor Vehicles to obtain a new driver’s license to replace my soon to expire one. When the Clerk asked me to read the third line of the vision test, I said “there is no third line.” She said to please just read the third line. Again I stated I could not see a third line and all I could see was a very cloudy blob. She handed my a form and advised me to go to immediately to an eye doctor, have an exam, and have the form signed and filled out by him before I could obtain a license.

I made an appointment with Dr. Newsom who came highly recommended by several people. Upon completion of the exam I was told that my right eye was at 2400, not 20/40 or 20/30… but 2400… very bad, and I had a fast growing cataract that need to be extracted ASAP. I also had a cataract in the left eye as well.

I was totally apprehensive and somewhat frightened to have anyone mess with my eyes, but I wanted to see. I had cataract surgery on the right eye (July 21) one week after my initial appointment with the doctor. I had my left eye done one week later (July 28), all within the last three weeks of July. This is my first day out of the surgery on the left eye and I am typing this letter now, reading without glasses, and seeing colors so clearly that words cannot explain.

I feel certain that my story is not the only one of its kind, and this letter is to make others aware of the importance of eye exams, as well as my tribute to Dr. T. Hunter Newsom, his fine staff, wonderful nurses, and the “PAINLESS” procedure performed by Dr. Newsom, along with the aid of a caring anesthesiologist at the Surgery Center. I must also give recognition to the Department of Motor Vehicles for being so thorough in their exams, for if it wasn’t for them, I would still be looking through glasses that I thought were defective and not realized that it was my eyes that were defective. I truly am so very pleased with the Acrysof ReStor lenses placed in my eyes, and the best tribute of all I will give to my caring husband who has so diligently been administering all the eye drops every few hours as required now and in the next few weeks.

I can honestly say I have found an old song that truly depicts how I feel, “I Can See Clearly Now.”

Anne King, Cataract Surgery Patient:

“I thought my vision was normal before, though I had trouble reading even with my glasses and contacts. Surgery was wonderful, it was a breeze. I thought I would still have to wear glasses and contacts, but I don’t, I’m finished with them! All of my expectations were met and more. Everything I see is so clear and distinct, I can see the edges of walls and corners like never before, and I can now see color! Working with watercolors, I can see them so much clearer. I am extremely pleased with the results.”

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