“I couldn’t get over my results!” Barbara – Cataract Patient

About a year ago, I moved to Highlands County. Not only was I experiencing severe COPD but I had also become nearly blind due to cataracts. I was determined to get my eyes fixed. I had a cataract so large it was like looking through a piece of typing paper. I could barley walk due to the fact that I could not see anything!

We made an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Newsom, and noted the convenient handicapped parking spaces close to the door. Thankfully, wearing a nasal cannula and constant O2 was not deemed a problem. My eyes were dilated, measurements taken and surgery dates made. I couldn’t get over how low the bill was! I was so relieved!Both eye surgeries went quickly and smoothly, along with no bandages or bleeding. Post op was eye opening, literally, and I got new glasses. Now, I’m back a year later for a follow up for common scar tissue removal. I am so thankful for the sight Dr. Newsom returned to me. Noticing my amazing results, my sister is coming in to have her eyes done with Newsom Eye too! Without Newsom Eye, I might still be in bed, nearly blind. My new vision, which is better now than the past 30 years, permitted me to read, walk, and regain my independence.