We Offer a Full Scope of Hearing Services

Cleaning and repairs of all hearing aid brands and styles

  • It is recommended that you have your hearing aids checked and cleaned annually by our Audiologist to prevent your hearing aid(s) from breaking down and to help ensure the longevity of your aid(s).

Adjustments on most hearing aid brands

  • Often over time, as your hearing changes or as you get more use to your hearing aid(s), the aid(s) will need to be adjusted to best suit your hearing needs.
  • Our Audiologist can make adjustment on all most any brand of hearing aid(s), even if you were not fit with your hearing aid(s) at our clinic.

Professional hearing screens, assessment, and hearing aid recommendations

  • Our Doctor of Audiology will screen your hearing and discuss appropriate options with you to meet your hearing needs.
  • We know your ability to hear is important, that’s why we feel you should have a professional assist you in what options are available to help you improve your hearing.
  • We also know that a hearing aid is not always the best or the only option to improve your hearing.