Now You Can Hear the World You See!

Vision loss and hearing loss are very similar in that they both gradually develop over a number of years and they both afflict many people at the same time in their lives.   We have found that many of our cataract patients are also frustrated with hearing loss.  This is why we have opened Newsom Eye Hearing Center.

The Newsom Eye Hearing Center offers convenient and comprehensive hearing tests and a complete line of HEARING AIDS.   And because it is offered by Newsom Eye, you can be confident that you are receiving the best care and service possible.

Imagine being able to both see and hear the world as you once did.  That’s our goal at Newsom Eye.

Newsom Eye Quality for Hearing

Newsom Eye has built its reputation on innovation and is committed to the highest quality of care. Dr. Newsom invented the Newsom Bladeless Laser Cataract Surgery Technique, which has attracted attention from all around the world.

That same commitment to quality care is clearly seen when you visit the Newsom Eye Hearing Center. Here you will be examined and assisted by our audiologist. Our audiologist is an expert in dispensing, fitting, counseling, and conducting follow up appointments. It is a common practice at other hearing centers for a hearing aid specialist to take care of you, but we believe you deserve the highest level of care. You deserve the Newsom Eye Hearing Center.