Diseases Of The Eye

Conjunctivitis, Scleritis & Keratitis

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Conjunctivitis and scleritis are both diseases which cause inflammation of the whites of the eyes.  Keratitis affects the cornea causing it to become inflamed. While these conditions can be caused by everything from infections and allergies to contact lenses and eye drops, the effects of these diseases can cause severe vision loss and may even result in a need for surgery.  Let Newsom Eye give your eyes a clean bill of health call for an exam today.


Tampa PterygiumThe conjuctiva is the clear mucous membrane that makes up the whites of the eyes.  In cases of pterygium also known as “Surfer’s Eye”, the conjuctiva begins to grow over the cornea, usually from the nasal side of the eye.  It is believed that prolonged exposure to sunlight, ultra-violet light, dry conditions, and dust can contribute to the development of pterygium.  Because of this the use of protective sunglasses and artificial tears have proven to be effective means of prevention.  If you feel that you may be suffering from the symptoms of  “Surfer’s Eye”, be sure to contact the experts at Newsom Eye for an examination and stop the ill effects of pterygium before your vision becomes permanently damaged.


Blepharitis is a condition which affects the eyelids, causing them to become red, inflamed, and flaky.  Cases are often chronic resulting in cysts on the lid, a gritty or foreign body sensation in the eye, debris in the tear film, and reduced vision.  Blepharitis can effect both the inner and outer portions of the eyelid.

The single most important principle for treatment of blepharitis is the adherence to a daily routine of lid margin hygiene.   The most common form of blepharitis occurs in people with a rosacea type skin disorder.  The oil glands in the eye lids of rosacea sufferers secrete a  modified oil which leads to the inflammation of the gland opening in the lids.  Although blepharitis can be chronic and acute, one episode does not mean a life-long condition.  Symptoms that do not improve even with improved hygiene and proper cleaning should be referred to your Newsom Eye doctor.

Herpes & Shingles in the Eye

Herpes zoster which is more commonly known as “Shingles,” is a viral disease which is characterized by a painful skin rash resulting in severe blisters and scabbing.  When Shingles attack the nerves surrounding the eye, a wide range of complications and degenerative eye conditions can result.   These ailments can include corneal ulcers, glaucoma, and even blindness.  Cases of zoster in the eye should be treated early and aggressively.  Ask the doctors at Newsom Eye if you may be at risk.

Eye Infections

Most eye infections affecting the cornea can be easily detected and remedied. But it is important to call Newsom Eye and schedule your routine eye exam today. Our staff will thoroughly check your eyes for possible corneal diseases and infections.

Corneal Abrasions & Erosions

Corneal abrasions and erosion occur when a portion of the surface layer of the cornea is lost.  Damage to this surface layer can cause pain, watery eyes, squinting, and the sensation of a foreign body in the eye. Abrasions and erosions can be caused by anything from a finger to a contact lens.  The doctors at Newsom Eye have experience treating any damage caused by corneal abrasions or erosion.

Corneal Ulcers

Corneal ulcers also known as ulcerative keratitis, or eyesores are very painful infections which attack the epithelial layer of the eye.  If the ulcers are not treated in time they can rapidly progress into corneal perforation which can result in blindness.  At Newsom Eye, we take your corneal health seriously. Contact us for an exam today.

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