I had no idea cataract surgery involves replacing the natural lens of the eye with an artificial lens. There also seems to be a lot of options for lenses. How will I know which lens is right for my vision?

Cataract surgery has greatly improved over time using better techniques and technology. Over the last decade, we’ve also seen a dramatic advancement in lens implant technology.  If you elect to undergo cataract surgery, you will likely be given an option between a “standard” intraocular lens (IOL) and a “premium” IOL.  A standard IOL restores clear vision, however all patients will still require glasses for reading and some may require glasses for distance vision to see clearly, i.e., reading glasses or bifocals. However, premium lens options may offer a reduced need for bifocals and reading glasses after undergoing cataract surgery. In fact, most patients who have a premium lens implant can do most things, most of the time without glasses. Premium lenses are not covered by insurance and do require an out-of-pocket fee.

It can be difficult to decide which lens options are the best for your eyes, which is why we’ll discuss all of your options at the time of your initial exam and help guide you during this very exciting process of restoring your vision.