LensAR Tech Arrives in San Antonio

Dr. Iskander received the LENSAR Award for being the first Ophthalmologist in Texas to be certified on this laser system. Dr. Iskander is excited to bring the next advancement in Cataract surgery to San Antonio. The LENSAR Technology adds a greater amount of precision, safety and improved visual outcome to the entire cataract surgery procedure. Instead of using a manual blade, Dr. Iskander can use the femtosecond laser to do most of the steps during surgery.

What sets this technology even further apart is its’ augmented reality. This technology creates a sophisticated 3-D model of the eye where Dr. Iskander can remove the cataract safely and insert the new intraocular lens with much more precision. This results in obtaining better visual outcomes. Precision for your vision.
Congratulations to Dr. Iskander on receiving such a prestigious award.