For some in San Antonio LASIK is actually not the best option….

We recently had a new patient come to us very distressed with a question about her options:

“I have put off getting LASIK for years, but last month I finally had enough when I couldnt find them and was late to work. I have to get rid of my glasses and contacts! Unfortunately, I was told that I am not a candidate and I feel like I left empty handed and really sad because I was finally so excited to lose my glasses! Am I going to be dependent on these things forever or is there anything else I can do?”

SAES: I’m sorry to hear you have been feeling down about your vision lately! While more than 700,000 Americans undergo the LASIK procedure each year, unfortunately, about 20 percent of patients seeking LASIK are given the same news as you- that they are not a candidate. Fret not! You can see clearly with little to no dependency on glasses even without LASIK, you just need to seek out the right procedure: PRK. PRK (Photorefractive Keratectomy) is a laser-assisted refractive procedure like LASIK, but the major difference is that PRK reshapes the outermost surface of the cornea, whereas LASIK creates a corneal flap and treats the layer of tissue beneath the flap. The results are the same, but the procedure differs due to the patient’s unique situation which might be cornea thickness, pupil size, or possibly suffering from dry eye

If you have been desiring to be less dependent on glasses or contacts but thought LASIK was not an option, ask us whether PRK is the right procedure to help you see your world more clearly!