FAQ Corner

Q: I’ve had great vision my whole life, but lately I’ve had a lot of trouble trying to read. I’m only 40 years old, is it too early for cataracts? Should I be worried?

A: There’s most likely nothing to worry about. What you are probably experiencing is a very common condition known as Presbyopia, the leading cause of weakness of the eyes. The condition affects the natural lens of the eye, causing it to lose flexibility. Objects that once could be held close and seen clearly, like books or a newspaper, now must be held at a farther distances. Presbyopia is often why individuals over 40 require reading glasses later in life, whereas they did not before. Once again, this is just part of the natural agin process of the eyes.

But good news, your eyes don’t have to act their age! There are several solutions that exist to remedy the onset of Presbyopia. One of the more common vision solutions is through monovision LASIK. The procedure is simple and quick; correcting one eye for distance while the other is made mildly near sighted. The resulting vision soon feels natural and makes tasks such as reading and computer work much easier. If you are not a candidate for LASIK then another option is PIOL’s, short for premium intraocular lenses. This procedure is also used to counteract the onset of cataracts in the early stages. With PIOL’s, the eye’s lens is gently removed, and then replaced by a clear, new one. After the procedure eyes can see near, far, and in-between, with vision actually improving over time.