Dry Air Making Your Eyes Water?

Did you know that one of the most common symptoms of dry eye disease is actually excessive tearing or watering of the eyes?

Many patients with dry eye disease will experience tearing, as well as eye redness and foreign body sensations. Some of the words we hear describing the sensations patients feel include itchy, gritty, and sandy. Naturally, none of these words describe how you would ever want your eyes to feel. Another thing about dry eye disease is this: it has two forms. One form of dry eye just involves not producing enough tears. The second form involves an inherent problem with the eye’s tears themselves. Tears are actually somewhat complex, and have three layers: an aqueous layer, a mucus layer, and an oil layer. A deficiency in any one of these layers can result in dry eyes.

At San Antonio Eye Specialists, we are quite familiar with Dry Eye Disease, and offer an array of treatment options that can help. Depending on what form of dry eyes you have, we may be able to provide you with artificial tears, vitamin supplements, or more effective procedures like punctal plug placement. If your eyes aren’t feeling the way they should, give us a call to learn what you can do to alleviate your discomfort!