April is National Sports Eye Safety Awareness Month

Everything is fun in games until somebody get’s poked in the eye. Trust us, we see our fair share of eye injuries in San Antonio, and more come from sports than you might think! Because an estimated 40,000 sports related eye injuries occur each year, The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) has designated as Sports Eye Safety Month to help increase public awareness of wearing protective eyewear when participating in team sports. The number of sports related eye injuries seems high, and it is because studies have shown 90% of eye injuries can be avoided by simply wearing proper eyewear protection. Proper eye protection does not include “street” corrective eyewear or sunwear, which actually puts the individual more severely at risk for injury during activities. Racquetball, basketball, and baseball are all sports that eyewear is highly recommended for, but with all sports and activities, protective eyewear use is suggested. With little league pitchers throwing upwards of 70 mph and basketball players swiping and elbowing around the ball, parents of active children are recommended have them wear protective eyewear. Parents are also suggested to set a good example by wearing eyewear when active. Specific eyewear is available for just about every activity, and the experts at San Antonio Eye Specialists can help to make sure you have the right style and fit.