Laser Cataract Surgery has Arrived in San Antonio!

We’ve made cataract surgery more precise, more predictable, and better than ever before!

Cataract patients in San Antonio can now rejuvenate their eyes and renew their lives in a way never seen before with incredible, state-of-the-art laser cataract technology. At San Antonio Eye Specialists, we believe that every cataract patient should receive the best care available, and that means constantly seeking out, researching, and utilizing the very best tools in medicine available. With the added precision and safety of our femtosecond technology for cataract removal, we have done just that. This amazing innovation is designed for precision and can assist in producing incredible visual results.

In the past, the surgeon would use a blade to perform cataract surgery. The blade creates a tiny incision for the surgeon to go into the eye, break up, remove the cataract, and insert a new intraocular lens (IOL) to replace the cloudy natural lens. With laser precision added into the mix, we lose the blade, and with the additional use of 3D imaging, we can create a precise surgical plan that maps out the procedure beforehand. Exact specifications for depth, length, and location are mapped out base on the unique needs of each patient’s eyes. The laser then carries out the exact instructions of the surgical plan, reducing the chance of human error. On top of the precision of our laser, the cataract is also softened as it is broken up through the use of a laser, meaning less energy is exerted into the eye. When less energy is used, there is much less chance for ocular inflammation.

All of these improvements for accurately and efficiently removing your cataracts were brought to our San Antonio surgical facility with patient comfort in mind, so you can relax with the assurance of knowing you have the latest technology refreshing your vision.